Handyman Service You Can Rely On
Handyman Service You Can Rely On
Handyman Service You Can Rely On

Handyman Service You Can Rely On

Is your home maintenance To-Do list overwhelming?

Are you tired of trying to balance your career, family, and maintaining a beautiful home?

If so, you've found the right place! A handyman service you can rely on.

Hi, I'm Matt McMurray -- professional handyman and owner of McHandy Services, and helping busy homeowners with home repairs, installation, and maintenance is what I do.

Whether you need a faucet replaced, a ceiling fan hung, or just some random repairs done around the house -- I have a wide range of skills and I'd be happy to help you.

I'm accredited, insured, and ready to take care of your home -- so you can sit back and enjoy it!

My Story

I actually spent the first 39 years of my life quite sure that I was NOT handy -- not handy AT ALL! Anything more involved than changing a tire, you could count me out. I was absolutely the kind of guy that would need to hire a handyman. And there were several things that I DID hire a handyman for over the years. So, I actually really do understand where you -- a person who may need the services of a handyman -- are coming from!

Then I took a job installing and maintaining displays in home improvement stores. And through my job I discovered something that actually really surprised me:  I AM handy! First, I fixed everything at my girlfriend's place that needed to be fixed. Then I built this awesome computer out of discarded components. I told my girlfriend, "Don't tell anyone about this! The last thing I need is everybody calling me to fix everything!"

She did such a marvelous job of keeping the "secret" that within a month I was suddenly the fix-it guy, and the computer guy, for my Mom, my sister, and all of my friends. I still had my jobs in the home improvement stores. But all my spare time was, "Hey Matt, could you take a look at my _____ ?"  (My girlfriend actually did me a huge favor, because I started really enjoying "everybody calling me to fix everything"! So thank you, Pamela!)

That went on for about 12 years.  And then one day I thought, "Gee, do you suppose I could actually make a living doing this?" Believe it or not, that had never really occurred to me, because I never charged my friends or my family a dime.

But, you know what? I did get something out of all that hard work. Between all the projects I did for friends and family, and all the different product lines I learned about in my regular job, I became quite "well-rounded". I had become a multi-discipline, multi-trade, repair, installation, and maintenance specialist. (A Handyman!)

So I decided to set out on my own and start a handyman business. I decided to make a career out of what I enjoy so much that I did it for free, in my spare time, for 12 years. And, I gotta tell you, it's the best "job" I've ever had! I love working with my hands, I love fixing things, and I love helping people, so it really is a perfect fit for me. That's why I am a handyman service you can rely on.

Let me do for you what I love to do -- thus freeing you up to do the things important to you!

Meet the Handyman

Hi! I'm Matt McMurray, the Handyman Service You Can Rely on, known as McHandy Services.


Matt McMurray

Owner, McHandy Services